One week without donuts. My experience post NoDo on the Focus

It’s been nearly a week since I successfully updated my Samsung Focus with the Windows Phone NoDo update. My impressions thus far are positive.

Since the time the update was released wpcentral has become aware of some additional items that were included in the new Focus firmware. Those include updates to the capacitive buttons, camera settings and touch response when placed on a soft surface. I have noticed these changes as well and agree with their findings.

As expected, copy and paste works and I actually did have a need for it already. I was creating a One Note entry and copy and paste made that much easier.

Since the update I’ve observed the following:

  • Firmware updates listed above
  • Fixed some live tiles that were broken
  • Overall speed/ performance is greatly improved
  • Improved support for SD expansion cards (I have a 32 gb and previously would experience random reboots from time to time, this has not yet happened since the update)
  • ATT “WISPr” protocol works. (Once in range of an ATT hotspot the device connects to it just like your home Wi-Fi connection. I may post additional information on this in the near future.)
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity. (I had a Bluetooth connection with a home phone that I had to manually re-engage from time to time, the device now pairs much more consistently)

We all knew this update wasn’t going to blow us away, but in the end it has definitely made for an even better experience on the Samsung Focus. If you’ve noticed any other changes since the update please post in the comments.

Source: wpcentral

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