NoDo fixes WeatherBug Live Tile

When I first got my Windows Phone my weather app of choice was WeatherBug. While comparable to other weather apps such as The Weather Channel app, I always preferred it. WeatherBug always seemed to load radar animations much faster than comparable apps. I also liked the webcam photos. Yet, by far the feature that put it over the top was the live tile notification. In addition to displaying temperature it will show a live tile notification in the case of weather advisories. Those who live in the Midwest know we are no stranger to the giant temperature fluctuations that cause crazy thunderstorms, hail, tornados and flooding. The icon on the live tile quickly shows you if any such weather advisories exist. When you go into the application there is additional information on the advisory. I am not aware of any other weather apps with a similar feature.

As you can tell it was one of my favorite apps, yet randomly the live tile stopped working. I’m not talking about just the weather advisory notifications but the entire tile itself. It reverted back to just the picture of the bug. At the time this seemed widespread, rumors said it happened because of the way tiles worked and if you changed your live tile update timing. For some the tile began working again, for me it never did. I uninstalled the app and reverted to The Weather Channel app. While it’s a worthy substitute, I missed the weather advisory notifications on the live tile.

I was hoping my NoDo update would again enable the live tile for WeatherBug. As soon as I got my updates on the 19th I downloaded the WeatherBug app again, set my location, pinned it to the home screen and waited. Fortunately, we were experiencing one of the aforementioned crazy spring thunderstorm days so it did not take long for that tile to not only update with the temperature but also a flood advisory for the surrounding rivers. I don’t recall this feature originally but I also received a toast notification (much like when you receive a text message) with the same information. That was a happy surprise.

Is this a big deal? Maybe not to some, but WeatherBug was originally one of those apps that made me say, “Wow, this is smart. This is what Windows Phone can do.” I’m happy to see it working again and I suggest that even if you are happy with a comparable weather app give the WeatherBug app a try, and make sure to pin it to you home screen, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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