Windows Phone Facebook Findings: Shake it/ pages

I came across two Facebook related items I thought it would be worth posting. The first I came across by accident. In the official Facebook app for Windows Phone if Facebook cannot connect to content the application tells you to shake the phone to reload content. Granted this isn’t exactly a breakthrough feature, but I haven’t come across an app that has really implemented this and to be honest it came as a bit of a surprise.

The other finding came from my recent involvement in hosting a Facebook page (a page set up for a business, group or celebrity, band or business). I’ve used many of the apps out there that support Facebook posting/ integration and the only app I found that seems to support posting to a Facebook page you are the administrator of is Seesmic for Windows Phone. I’ll consider posting a full review of Seesmic in the future, but I thought it would be worth sharing that at this time I believe it is the only app on Windows Phone that supports this feature. (The official Facebook app does not).

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