AT&T Windows Phone Updates: My NoDo update experience

How to update

As reported by various sources, the AT&T Windows Phone NoDo update started to be pushed to the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum on 4/19. See this page for a list of what is offered in the update.

I, and a few others, found out that even though the phone hadn’t told us the update was available, connecting it to the Zune software on your PC made the update notification appear. This appears to be the case because of the schedule the phone itself uses to check for updates. Connecting it to your PC and the Zune software checks immediately at launch.

  • How do I update my Windows Phone with NoDo?
      • To update your phone follow the official instructions on updates here.

  • I don’t’ care about the added features OR I don’t want to install software on my pc, should I skip the update?
    • My personal opinion is: No, you should not skip the update. In addition to the features listed on the link above both the device manufacturer and carrier have included updates that add features and enhanced performance. The update process is simple. That being said, your device will continue to function just as it always has if you choose not to update. Although, you will be missing out on a better experience without the update.
  • I tried installing the updates but I get an error? What do I do?
    • Match the error code you get to the instructions on this page. Follow those trouble shooting instructions for your specific error.

My Experience with the update

A friend and I walked through the update on our Samsung Focus phones simultaneously. Besides the applications we have installed and customizations available via the operating systems both of our phones software are as they were the day they were purchased from AT&T

  • My friends phone: Samsung Focus – stock 8 GB on board memory, few apps, no music
    • February update – update successful
    • March update – update successful (quick backup and install)
  • My phone: Samsung Focus – 32 GB Micro SD expansion + stock 8 GB on board memory, many apps, 15+ GB music
    • February update – update NOT successful (error 800705B4)
      • Followed troubleshooting instructions, including installation of Windows Phone Support Tool
      • Use Windows Phone Support Tool – tool successful
    • February update (post Windows Phone Support Tool) – update successful
    • March update – update successful (lengthy backup, quick install)

I suspect my use of the SD expansion card is what caused the few issues I had and lengthy backup. Beyond the initial error the update went off without a hitch. Even the error troubleshooting instructions and Windows Phone Support Tool were easy to use.

Post Update Performance

I will spend a few days with the updated software and post further updates on my experiences with the OS itself and special ATT/ Samsung updates.

Source: Update Central

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