Windows Phone 7 Mango: It really is incredible

As a registered developer I’ve been lucky enough to have Mango installed on my Samsung Focus for nearly a month. This week Microsoft officially released the “Beta 2 Refresh” of Mango to registered developers. This “Beta 2 Refresh” release is obviously much more refined, with the noticeable improvements being Twitter and LinkedIn integration over its predecessor.

I had pondered for some time how much info to share since installing the first beta of Mango. There was so much to share and it deserved so much detail I couldn’t give it the credit it was due. Luckily, Microsoft itself has filled the gap by its posts on the “Windows Phone Developer Blog” and the “Windows Phone Blog”.

Rather than rewriting everything they have posted I’ll simply add to this post with links to appropriate posts on the aforementioned Microsoft blogs.

The links will come, but let me leave you with a teaser. If you’re a current Windows Phone user, you will be blown away by the enhancements. If you’re not currently a Windows Phone user but are in the market for a new device, try a Windows Phone with Mango (they’ll be in stores this fall), it really is incredible.

With Windows Phone, and Mango specifically…Words doesn’t do it justice, it’s something you have to experience.

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2 comments on “Windows Phone 7 Mango: It really is incredible
  1. mareinsula says:

    I am totally agree. It’s great!I have updated my LG Optimus 7 with the latest mango and things like Live Tiles make the phone more futuristic, Now I will upgrade my apps and finish my latest one to be ready on September.

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