Let your fantasies come true. Yahoo fantasy sports on WP7 is here.

If you are a Windows Phone user and have a Yahoo fantasy sports team, I’m sure you’ve been looking, and probably unsuccessfully, for a WP7 app that will let you manage your teams. Well the wait is over. The folks at Bushwood Studios have released an oddly named app called Fantasy Ferret that lets you do just that. I only partake in Fantasy Football but according to the current app description (version 1.4)  this app supports football, baseball, hockey and basketball. I’m assuming you interact with all the sports similarly but I’ll be writing about how it renders my football team/ league.


  • Free – it is ad supported, but that doesn’t impact the usability.
  • Easy Set Up – although the app doesn’t walk you through initial set up, simply tap the setting icon in the application bar and enter your Yahoo login info in the browser window that appears. I also noticed that Yahoo then sends you a notification stating this has been done.
  • Speed – I was testing this on Wi-Fi but was still impressed by how quickly my league info, including avatar images, appeared. This is also true for players on my team.
  • Functionality – it has a very good feature set including full team roster, league standings, team matchups, multiple week viewing and the ability to add/ drop players. I don’t think it would let you do your drafting, but I’m not sure


  • Feature Placement – you have to view all the matchups for the leagues to find the option to view the matchup feature for your team for the week. I wish there was a link to the matchup feature in the app bar on the standings page.
  • Design – there are a few minor issues, again in the matchup page, where 3 digit scores are slightly cut off. A few of the descriptions of the app bar buttons are also cut off.
  • Live Tile – I’m spoiled with Mango live tiles, so am slightly disappointed this doesn’t have one.
  • Lack of player detail– I think adding player news, stats and play status would make this app even more powerful for the fantasy sports faithful.

Overall, I’m impressed with the app knowing that it is the first Yahoo fantasy sports app in the marketplace that I’m aware of. There are a few minor design issues that could be improved upon, but I’m happy to say I never experienced any app errors or crashes. I’m sure a few more releases will clan up these small oversights and possibly add some pro features that the hardcore crowd may find necessary. Regardless, it is worth your time if you have a Yahoo fantasy team.

My Rating (4/5)

Download from the Zune marketplace here.

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