Mango Moments: Favorite Features

Having used Mango (beta) for a few months there were many features that immediately made a positive impact on my day to day usage. I’ve picked some of my favorites from the official list from Microsoft  (this post will be updated over time).

  • Speech Commands:  text messages – Depending on your settings if you have a Bluetooth headset/ car adapter or headphones plugged in and you receive a text message the phone will read you the message, ask you how you want to respond, and depending on your answer, convert your reply to text or quit bugging you. This is completely hands free when receiving texts, and only requires you to hold down the Windows Home button to initiate it yourself. This works REALLY well and it’s easily become one of the features I’ve really grown to love.
  • Threads: Windows Live/ Facebook messaging – Until the speech command above spoiled me I was a very firm believer that there was absolutely no reason to use texting. It is expensive and you can get more our of email or IM. Well, with Windows Live Messenger and Facebook messaging built right into the Messaging hub there really is no reason to text. But if you do, you can easily text or see if your friends are online in any of these other services and switch between them at will in a single conversation. It works really well.
  • History view – see all your interactions with your contacts, regardless of type (phone, text, email, Twitter, etc) in a single pivot on their Contact card
  • Calendar: Facebook integration – Facebook events automatically appear in your Windows Phone calendar. They are colored differently, but integrate well.




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