Mango Moments: Little surprises

I had been using Windows Phone Mango for a few months prior to the official update today. I had expected to find a few surprises once I had updated, and I have. Below are the little things that I’ve come across. These may or may not be new for the official Mango release, but I had never noticed them previously. (This post will be added to over time).

  1. App/ People List Alphabet “sticks” until next letter while scrolling. So this one is a bit harder to describe. If you have a long enough list of apps or any amount of friends the list is sorted alphabetically with the letter in a small square in between the sections. Previously that letter scrolled out of view just like any entry. Now, that letter “sticks” to the top of the screen letting the entries for that section scroll past it until the next letter appears. This caused one of those Windows Phone “wow moments” for me.
  2. LinkedIn connections much more visible in people hub. I never noticed additional entries in the people hub for my LinkedIn contacts until the official update.
  3. Linking Twitter accounts to people’s profile. When you click the Link button at the bottom of a persons profile you also get all your Twitter connections to choose from. These Twitter connections don’t show up in the people hub natively, only when linking.
  4. PG voice to text. I was going to show my friend who just updated to Mango how the new voice to text feature worked by calling him a d-bag. I was surprised to find that TellMe interpreted the word but sent it as &$#*^!&*@*. We tried this with a few other choices words and had similar results. This is funny.
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