Everyone wants to be like Microsoft

This week the various tech news sources have had no shortage of news about the upcoming Google Games, Google Maps 45 degree maps, Google Music, and Apple allowing wireless media syncing. Here’s the perfect opportunity to remind you who first brought you all these features. It was often overlooked Microsoft. Bing Games have been available for a few weeks now. Bing Maps has had “birds eye view” for quite a while. Bing Entertainment (including Music, movies, TV and more) using the Zune back end has also been around for a few weeks now. The Zune media players have offered wireless syncing since their inception (yes, you do not have to plug in a device to sync it) and the ill fated Kin phone offered over the air syncing (as will Windows Phone 7). Not going to try to be a fan boy at the moment, but strongly encourage you to try the Microsoft offerings. It just might encourage a switch (in many peoples’ opinions they are the better offering). This is also a good time to mention that Bing’s usage continues to steadily rise.

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