Microsoft’s IPad Killer, Full 3D Games on WinPhone7 and R&D dollar comparison

Long before the IPad was announced there was a leaked video of something called the Microsoft Courier. A "e journal" bi fold tablet that had some amazing capability. Well, MS finally confirmed the product is real and have shared some new videos. The interface is nothing short of amazing in my opinion, another homerun right on the heels of the amazing WinPhone7 interface. Speaking of WinPhone7 there is now footage of games running on the new platform. One even shows how the same game can be started on the PC, continued on the phone, and finished on the XBOX. Right now games will only support turn by turn multiplayer and can’t yet sync your progress across the 3. Finally, a recent graph shows a comparison of dollars spent on R&D between Sony, Microsoft and Apple. One company spends SIGNIFCANTLY more than the other 2, and it may not be the one you think. Think of this when you think which is the most innovative company of the three.
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One comment on “Microsoft’s IPad Killer, Full 3D Games on WinPhone7 and R&D dollar comparison
  1. Nathan says:

    unfortunately the rumored courier is no more. lets hope the tech gets even better in another product.

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