Windows Phone 7 Series aka Zune Phone aka Amazing!


Microsoft today announced its Windows Phone Series 7 software for phones. Please don’t let the name fool you, from everything I’ve seen so far this is a game changer. Why? Despite what you may think Windows Mobile is the number 3 handset OS behind iPhone and Blackberry and yet Microsoft knows they have much ground to gain. To do so they’re starting from scratch and taking a big leap of faith, and I would bet it will pay off. If I had to sum up what I’ve seen so far in word, it would be “SMART.” MS seems to be truly integrating not only their products but the information people use today. It’s hard to describe what they’re doing here so I would strongly suggest you look at the videos (pics don’t do it  justice) or better yet, try the interactive demo.


An attempt to summarize…

  • No MS Hardware, partners build hardware under strict guidelines
    • WVGA Screens
    • 4 point capacitive touch
    • > 1ghz processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon)
    • > 5mp camera
    • accelerometer
    • FM radio
    • GPS
    • hardware keyboard optional
    • probably more
  • Live tiles
    • aggregates data from multiple sources right on the home screen, extremely customizable
    • Similar to what the MSN Preview does.
  • 6 Hubs
    • People
    • Pictures
    • Games
    • Music + Video
    • Marketplace
    • Office
  • Xbox live integration (more to come)
  • Zune HD (they say this is a Zune HD, except I’ve only heard FM radio so far, not HD radio)
    • Zune stream wirelessly (from cell provider, its going to rock with a Zune pass)
  • All major US service providers, with ATT being premier US Partner
  • Launches Holiday 2010 (I can’t wait!)
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