Ford’s MyFord Touch and 4 cylinder EcoBoost

The 2011 Ford Edge will be the first vehicle to offer the 4 cylinder ecoboost, which will give V6 power with V4 fueld economy. It will also be the first to offer MyFord Touch which builds on top of Ford’s insanely awesome and popular sync system. MyFord Touch offers the replacement of many traditional analog gauges on the dashbord with digital screens, improved car/system interaction and even things like a mobile wifi hotspot. You have one device attached to sync in the car that is data capable? Well MyFord touch can create a wifit hotspot in the car so the little ones in the back can surf the internet to do homework on their netbooks. Also Ford is offering an SDK that will allow Apps (that can’t interact with critical computers in the system) to run on MyFord touch. Sync and now MyFord touch continue to be simply the best tech offered in any car available.
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