iPhone to lose ATT Exclusivity in 2010?

The rumors have been swirling about this for some time; here is some more fuel for the fire from someone at ATT. http://www.slashgear.com/atts-iphone-exclusivity-ends-in-2010-1541061/

FYI for the Midwest geeks… iPhone users, mostly in the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley area, have complained for some time that the ATT network sucks. What it really comes down to is the ever increasing amount of data getting sucked through the airwaves out there. Most don’t realize that bandwidth is a finite thing, and there are so many iPhones out there in the Silicon Valley area that the bandwidth is being maxed out. Here in the Midwest I doubt iPhone users complain much. I personally have had ATT for nearly a decade and can count the number of issues I have had on one hand, but I’ll admit I don’t use data much yet. If you’re a Midwest Geek and an iPhone user I’d love to get your opinion!

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