DJ Hero First Impressions



So I spent some time with the PS3 version of DJ Hero tonight (it releases on 10/27) at the local Best Buy. First off, the music mixes by themselves almost warrant this purchase. Very catchy mixes for sure. I think they’d be smart to sell the soundtrack to this game. So, I’m sure the first question most have is what is the controller like? I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt unnatural. I’m not sure if the height is adjustable but it was way too short for me. I don’t think hardware is going to have the pick up and play success as the Guitar Hero games have had. Even the most music ignorant individual understands how to hold a guitar, but I doubt many know how a professional really uses a turntable. The arrangement can be changed for either righty or lefties but I think most will find the scratch pad lacking. You play with your fingers on three buttons. If you’re getting really into I’m not sure how you’re supposed to keep your hand on the controller. I consistently lost my fingering. I played the game on the 2 easiest modes. The first seems to focus only on scratching; you don’t have to worry about the fader at all. As the "notes" come your way you either press one of the buttons or hold the buttons and scratch the pad. This mode is almost boring it’s so easy. It really lets you enjoy the music. The second seemed an almost exponential increase in difficulty. It introduces the fader and let me tell you it was difficult for me for the two songs I spent with it. What I disliked most is that I found it difficult to determine what position the line on the screen was telling me the fader was to be in (left, neutral or right). If you’re fully faded to the right and the screen tells you to fade back to the left it’s hard to tell whether they want you to go center or fully left. I think there should be some arrows/ indicators on the lines to help you. Perhaps more time would get me over this, but I’m not sure. It also seems there is a mode you can play with a turntable and a guitar but I’m unsure how that works. For those music game fans out there DJ Hero is definitely a change of pace, but I’m not sure if it is for the better. The music rocks, there is no doubt about it, but I’m not sure if the average Joe out there is going to spend their $120 on a controller that’s completely foreign to them. It might take till DJ Hero 2 for this IP to really kick off. I may change my mind, but again this is my first impression.

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One comment on “DJ Hero First Impressions
  1. Nathan says:

    It appears you were right. Even Activision is expecting slow sales.

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