BLU Windows Phones & the Lumia 830

My most recent trip to the St. Louis Galleria resulted in me being pleasantly surprised to find the Blu Windows Phones on display. Blu devices are designed in Miami, Florida but built overseas and offer another affordable dual SIM options to the Windows Phone family. The BLU Win HD is the yellow phone in the images below. The Win JR are the white and pink phones. Unlocked the HD goes for $179 and the JR goes for $90. Both seem to have a strong build quality and decent screen and camera. The only major drawback from a hardware perspective is the lack of a dedicated camera button. Both of these also have front facing cameras and dual SIM capability. When compared to something like a Lumia 520/ 530 I’d argue these are a better choice if you can live without some of the Lumia (formerly Nokia) specific apps.

The ATT Lumia 830 was also on display. This device also was a pleasant surprise. It’s a good size and has a solid but light feel when compared to my Lumia 920. And that begs the question, is this finally a Lumia 920 successor? I’d argue no, but if my 920 died tomorrow and I was replacing it with a current Lumia it would be either this device or the 1520. With that being said if you’re happy with your 920 or similar device I wouldn’t rush out to replace it with this device, especially at its current price point of $449 unlocked. Despite that I really like the design and the screen looks very good. If you’re in the market for a Windows Phone and looking for a good mid-range device give this a look.

BLU Win JR and Win HD


Lumia 830

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