Windows Phone 8 Official Launch

What an exciting week. Surface, Windows 8 and now Windows Phone. The response to all has been fairly positive even from the biggest of haters.
Here are some notes from the Windows Phone 8 live event, which was available from the link above.
• Joe Belfiore on stage
• Talks Nokia, HTC, Samsung support
• 120,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store
• Available in 50 languages
• 191 countries can access store
• People are the focus
• Windows Phone is reinvented around you
• “It’s not for all of us, it’s  for each of us”
• Live apps, integration in hubs lock screen, photos notifications and content
• New Facebook app
• Calendar notification on lock screen can be replaced with info from other apps
• New Twitter app
• Performance and updated notifications and live tiles
• Skype always on, doesn’t run code in the background so it doesn’t train battery and is efficient
• 46 of the top 50 apps on other platforms will be available on Windows Phone
• Temple run, urban spoon, Angry Birds star wars, Jet Pack Joyride, Where’s my Water, Fairway Solitaire, Pandora (which comes with  one year of ad free music)
• SDK is available ( Requires Windows 8 Pro
• Data sense
o surf the app more, and use less data
o compresses every web page
o understands Wi-Fi, finds hotspots, as you get closer to limits phone behaves differently so you don’t go over cap
o shows data app usage
o 45 percent more browsing wit data sense, working with mobile operators, Verizon to offer
• Kids’ corner – set up apps and things they want to use
• Jessica Alba on stage!
o Used kids’ corner
o Kid tweeted when she was 2
o Jessica used wp7 and is now using wp8, feels personal, she was using an iPhone, was worry about music but there is a tool to import into Xbox Music
o People love the phone
o Jessica has her own company, The Honest Company, launching an app to help with kids
• People hub rooms
o Comes with “family room” – a private rooms
 Can send location, own calendar, private photos, shared notes
 other devices can access room features, iOS can access the calendar
• SkyDrive exists across the 3 screens, office docs including last place accessed available, TellMe voice notes using OneNote
• Sync companion app on Win 8, Win7 and Mac to move over iTunes music and playlists to Xbox music
• Meet Steve’s phone:
o Enter Ballmer
o Message form Bill Gates: “Consider making purple type cover for surface”
o Ballmer – not a phone for all of us a phone for each of us
• Hardware
o Lumia 920 , stressed screen, only phone in the world with optical image stabilization (OIS), wireless charging
o Ativ s – thin light big battery
o HTC Windows Phone 8x – built from tiles, beats audio, amps,
o All available in Europe this weekend, throughout the world in November
o Devices available from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T (no mention of Sprint)
o All devices and all colors will be available from the Microsoft Stores (including holiday stores)
• ADVERTISING: Steve Ballmer, “ You won’t be able to turn on a TV or open a magazine without seeing a Windows ad”

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