Skydrive Changes and Applications

Did you know that if you have Hotmail, XBOX live or a Windows Phone you already have free cloud storage on the internet? If you’re not aware Microsoft has offered a service called Skydrive for years and today gave it a major upgrade. User who already have these accounts above likely have 25GB of free storage on line, but you need to logon to your Skydrive account and claim that 25GB before they drop you down to the new 7GB of free space. For those who are new to Skydrive from today forward, you’ll get 7GB of free storage with the ability to buy up to 100GB of storage for a price that is much lower than competitors like Dropbox. Microsoft has also released new or updated apps that make accessing that storage quite easy for the following platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad. Go out to and claim your space today!


Source: Microsoft, The Verge

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