Get a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone For Free!!!

Two days after the launch of the Lumia 900, Nokia acknowledged what some early adopters were experiencing, a glitch that could cause the data connection to drop unexpectedly. Bad news right? Maybe not.

Within hours Nokia posted the following not only acknowledging the issue but confirming a software fix coming in the next week and giving anyone who purchased a Lumia from launch until April 21 a $100 credit on their AT&T bill. Given upgrade pricing for the Lumia is $99 you actually can come out on this deal with a very high end LTE device and an extra dollar. Give credit to Nokia for handling this issue very well, this is no iPhone antennae-gate that is for sure.

Granted we haven’t yet posted our detailed review of the Lumia yet, but have no doubt this is an extremely nice phone and is considered the “hero” Windows Phone. If you’re in the market for a new device get to an AT&T store today and check out the Lumia 900 for yourself so you can take advantage of this offer.

Source: Nokia

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