Skype for Windows Phone: Beta Released

Joe Belfiore tweeted early this morning about the availability of a Skype beta for Windows Phone. Obviously this news is spreading fast so I had to try it out on the HTC Titan I’m currently reviewing (as it has a front facing camera). My first impressions are below. If you want to download the Skype Beta for yourself follow the link HERE.


Initial Impressions

I tested this between a Windows 7 PC and an HTC Titan. Call and video quality was very good. The front facing camera on the Titan produced video on par with my Microsoft LifeCam. The video went full screen and there was a small window in the corner of the screen to preview your own picture. I did not tie a mobile number to the Skype on mobile so the phone could only receive call when I was actually in the Skype app, I think we’ll see the ability to receive calls whether the app is open or not in the future. I did not see a way to add contacts while in the application, but beyond that the interface is straightforward and easy enough to use. Some may find the lack of names underneath the icons, like on the typical application bar, a non user friendly feature, but the icons are common enough that you know the phone icons answers and hangs up calls. We were clamoring for it and now its here (in beta) but it works and the possibilities moving forward are nearly endless.

While in a Skype call

  • add video
    • brings up a “turn camera on” feature
    • switch camera – switches camera from front to back (it is yet to be seen whether phones with only a rear camera can do video)
    • bring up FFC
    • allows for camera off
    • mute
    • swipe to chat
    • swipe to profile
  • mute
  • go speakerphone
  • bring up dial pad
  • end call
  • swipe to chat window
  • swipe to profile

Sources: Twitter

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