April 13, still no definite NODO date for ATT customers

I have to believe there is something going on behind the scenes with the ATT devices, Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround. Eric Hautala has updated the Windows Phone Blog this morning stating, “We’re eager to share progress. But these tests are important, and they’re just not quite done. I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned. “

At this point in the game, if they were truly expected to be done in the next few days originally (the 15th marks the second half of the month in my book) they would have a new estimated complete date they could share. I really think there is something going on with firmware testing on these devices that makes them unique compared to the others. Maybe there is a fix for the SD Card issues on the Focus. Perhaps ATT is increasing 3G network speed with a new firmware. It’s all conjecture, but there has to be something special about these devices. Whether it’s good special or bad special I can’t say. Regardless, Microsoft should be giving some insight to the hold up. It would be the right thing to do. But if this isn’t resolved in the next few days, then I expect to see a Where is my Mango update chart added to the “Where is my update page” with the status of “testing” right now. At this rate they’ll have to start in April if they plan to get Mango out before end of 2011.

I still love the platform, I still encourage others to get it, but it’s like having the realization that one of your childhood heroes isn’t the class act you once thought he was. Very disappointing.

On a happier note, Microsoft has added a new Update Central with resources on the update process. It’s a welcome addition to their communication, but not the detail I and many others desire.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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