What a difference a day makes, Microsoft communicates (sort of), and a call to action

I really do believe Microsoft is trying to communicate better. Over the past year I’ve been very impressed by the amazing support via Twitter for many of their products including Zune, XBox, and Office. Their podcasts (Windows Phone Radio & Zune Insider), although surprisingly “non-corporate”, not only give a glimpse of what it’s like inside the “big M” but also share nuggets of information you just don’t get elsewhere. These are examples of communication from a large company that i’ve really never seen before, and to give Microsoft credit, it truly is communication; back and forth. I personally have conversed via every one of these channels with those at Microsoft. It’s refreshing and they deserve kudos for it.

Conversely the blogs, in particular the Windows Phone Blog, is definitely not as refreshing as the methods listed above. It’s still too corporate, and I’m sure that intentional, but because of that fact the communication is stale and lacking. As I posted previously, the NoDo update was to begin rolling out to handsets yesterday. As more information trickled out it became obvious there was going to be a wait for many to receive the update. The interwebs exploded with “when will I get my update?” questions and ” I haven’t seen NoDo” yet statements. People, including myself, wanted to know where their update was.

So today, in response to the questions, Microsoft posted an update to their Windows Phone Blog providing some information on what to expect. Not surprisingly waiting is part of the answer. But I don’t want to dwell on that. They also provided a chart showing in what stage the update is in depending on the device. Again, expect to wait. It’s a good first step Microsoft, but you can do better. Be proactive!

So I turn my attention to the carriers, who most suspect to be the true culprits here. What can we, as consumers do about their involvement? Not a whole lot, but not nothing. I propose a CALL TO ACTION. I strongly consider you tweet one or both of the following to your carrier daily and follow through on the action. Maybe we can make a difference, at least it’s better than just complaining and waiting.

  • Until NoDo is offered by your carrier, cut back on unnecessary expenditures that benefit them. The first thing that pops in my head are text messages. Eliminate them, you have a data plan, send an email instead!

“@windowsphone @att I wont send or respond to text messages until #nodo is delivered to my device #NODOUGHTILLNODO #WP7 http://bit.ly/fYzp1K

  • Take the high road, since most of the devices are currently in the testing phase, maybe the carriers truly don’t have the resources to test this massive update (sarcasm), lets offer to help them out and expedite the process.

“@windowsphone @att I offer to assist in the testing of #NODO in order to expedite its release #WILLWORKFORNODO #WP7 http://bit.ly/fYzp1K

For those who believe this is a fruitless effort or all hope is lost for Windows Phone, let me remind you of some very deep words…

“You can’t give up hope just because it’s hopeless. You have to hope even harder, cover your ears, and go ‘blah blah blah blah blah!” – Fry, Futurama

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