Windows 7 XP Mode

So most versions of Windows 7 allow you to run a free version Windows XP in a Virtual Machine to maintain compatibility with some programs that won’t make the jump to Windows 7. I noticed it was a bit tricky to find the Windows 7 XP Mode install and directions on the Microsoft site so… is the page you need to access: There are two files that need to be downloaded, one of them if pretty sizable so give yourself the adequate amount of time. Impressions on the setup will follow.

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One comment on “Windows 7 XP Mode
  1. Nathan says:

    The install is pretty seamless and once you get it going it\’s just like having an XP machine. I couldn\’t get the OS to properly recognize thd dvd drive as a dvd drive. Everything is accessible on a disc it just appears like a hardrive instead. If you have the right version of Win 7 to get this I would recommend having XP mode just in case.

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