Hulu to start charging?


So it sounds as if the execs responsible for Hulu are considering to start charging for Hulu in 2010. I love Hulu, and I personally don’t see how a pay model will work for them. They don’t offer anything you can’t get for free over the airwaves and since it is an online only service you’d be paying for content in available only in one spot. If they do go to a pay model, then in my opinion you’d be better off going with getting your shows via the Zune marketplace. That way you could have content everywhere. On the go via the Zune device, on multiple pc’s via the Zune software and on your TV via the Zune software on Xbox 360 (still in beta). The ability to access anywhere would be worth paying for. It’s still difficult to comprehend why Hulu may go this direction. Obviously execs are seeing the numbers of how many are watching shows via Hulu and sees that as away to monetize. But the number one reason for Hulu’s success is that it’s free. The same shows that are available free over the air are free online. It makes sense. Just getting a DVR and having the ability to watch free shows whenever you want makes more sense than paying for Hulu, although you do have to assume you’ve got the shows recorded. With all the other options out there I think charging will drive away consumers. They just don’t have an edge if it is not free. Hopefully Hulu makes the right choice. But as the article I linked above mentions. The whole Comcast / NBC rumored buyout is something that can really make TV as we know it go bye bye, and will affect Hulu as NBC is part owner. It’s hard to predict what will happen there, that is for sure.

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