Windows Phone, Microsoft Myphone, Win Mobile Marketplace

Windows Phone 6.5, Mobile Marketplace rollouts and MyPhone upgrades all on the same day. Windows Phone 6.5 is definitely a step in the right direction but from everything I’m reading it’s not "there" yet. Still a lot of sexy looking phones are being released with it (HTC Pure). The MyPhone upgrade isn’t significant, but still pretty cool that Microsoft is growing this awesomely simple tool. You can now post pictures to social networking sites via it and it will also allow you to track your phones location, or brick your phone if someone steals it or you lose it. Very SMART! Win Mobile Marketplace is another step in the right direction, for anyone who tried to find Win Mobile friendly apps in a common location before you know how hard it was. Microsoft needs to stay on this path, even if they’re a bit behind as it will only drive cooler tech in the future. Hearing more rumors about Zune services on phones (maybe even available on "fruity" devices), when that happens WATCH out. If Zune services were on a Windows Phone I’d upgrade in a heartbeat.

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